Food Safety Warranty in Germany

All food sold in Germany must be safe and controlled. This also applies to imported products. Safety is guaranteed by the responsible food business operator. Compliance with legal requirements is checked in official food inspections. For example, additives and novel foods must be approved, and harmful residues of pesticides are prohibited. Labelling should also make […]

Trend or Future? CBD-containing FoodStuff

In the last years has been spoken a lot about the complete legalization of CBD for any scope or a just partial legalization for some precise matters. As a matter of fact, CBD can also be seen as an ingredient for all kind of recipes and foodstuffs – but it is safe to use? Is […]

How each packet legally counts: sweet rules

Candy Packages & Indication of number: how each packet legally counts If a package of sweets contains several individual packets, the number of packets must be recognizable to the end consumer. The OVG Rhineland-Palatinate ruled that this is not to be considered a “meaningless” information (Urt. v. 02.11.2021, Az. 6 A 10695/21.OVG). A package of […]

Nutri Scores: no more errors

Food labelling – no more errors Are you planning to label your own product and starting trading it? Have you heard about trend statements? origin and organic labelling? or what about Nutri-Scores? Today we would like to talk to you about this latter. The Nutri-Score provides a quick orientation as to which foods have the […]

Food Safety, Animal and Plants Health: Goals of the European Union

Food Safety, Animal and Plants Health: Goals of the European Union The European Commission declares that they are aiming to assure a high level of food safety and animal & plant health within the EU. This will take place through the help of coherent  measures and adequate monitoring. As the declares: “The implementation of this […]

Pandemic Decision

2020: How coughing in public could become a problem A lot of things have changed in time of a pandemic. The old times, where people where running around without giving enough space, without masks or hand sanitizer are somehow belonging to our old memories. We are in the middle of a pandemic, the way of […]

Corona Pandemic and Company Council Meetings

In times of corona, every action we were actually taking without thinking has become an open question. This is the case of an employer (a German company operating in the field of clinical rehabilitation) and the group works council (in German Konzernbetriebsratsitzung) of its company. The Case:  The employer has temporarily prohibited all employees from […]

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