Nutri Scores: no more errors

Food labelling – no more errors

Are you planning to label your own product and starting trading it? Have you heard about trend statements? origin and organic labelling? or what about Nutri-Scores? Today we would like to talk to you about this latter.

The Nutri-Score provides a quick orientation as to which foods have the more favourable nutritional value compared to other foods of the same category  right at first glance.The Nutri-Score uses a 5-level colour scale from A to E. This scale has been developed by independent scientists. It is generally printed on the front of the product packaging.

The dark green A stands for a rather favourable product, the red E for a less favourable nutrient composition.

Consumers benefit twice from this: they not only get a better orientation when shopping, but also better products. In the medium term, the Nutri-Score can motivate manufacturers to change the recipes of their products to a nutritionally more favourable composition.

The Nutri-Score is thus a useful supplement to the legally prescribed information such as the list of ingredients and the nutritional value table.

if you are eager to place your product on the market do not hesitate to firstly assure all the legal aspects of the labelling and trading.

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Nutri Scores: no more errors

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