Food Law

Law Office for food law:

horak Attorneys at Law advises and represents clients in all legal matters relating to the production or sale of food/cosmetics and consumer goods. In addition to classical national and European food law, this legal practice also includes
international food law as well as special matters such as due diligence obligations under food law, reporting obligations or HACCP and complaint management or food safety.


Due to the striving for consumer protection and numerous “food scandals” in recent years, the legislator must constantly change food law. This is the “simplification” of the Food Information Ordinance (LMIV), which, with its 15 annexes,
does not actually reduce the regulations, but at least offers accommodation in a VO. The LMIV is in force and currently has no transitional regulation, so that from 12/2014 the relabelling must be carried out.


For companies, functional food, dietetics or food supplements are often profitable products in addition to traditional foods. One challenge, for example, is the differentiation between health-related foods and medicines or the Health
Claims Ordinance, the limitations of which have often not yet been conclusively clarified.

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