Food Safety Warranty in Germany

All food sold in Germany must be safe and controlled. This also applies to imported products. Safety is guaranteed by the responsible food business operator. Compliance with legal requirements is checked in official food inspections.

For example, additives and novel foods must be approved, and harmful residues of pesticides are prohibited. Labelling should also make it easy to see, for example, whether allergens are contained. You may have heard about possible “residues” contained in food.

“Residues” are remnants of substances used in the production of food. For example, even when pesticides are used correctly, residues can remain in fruit, vegetables or cereals. Even if farm animals have to be treated with medicines, for example in the case of an illness or infection, food obtained from the animal may contain residues of the substances used.

How many residues and what maximum amounts may be contained in food is precisely regulated. Strict rules also apply to materials that come into contact with food, such as packaging.


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Food Safety Warranty in Germany

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