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Our specialized attorneys are food law experts.

Horak Attorneys-at-law advises and represents clients in all legal matters concerning the production or distribution of foodstuffs/cosmetics and consumer goods.
This legal practice includes classical national and European food law as well as international food law and special matters such as food law due diligence, reporting requirements or HACCP and Complaints Management or food safety.

For companies, functional foods, dietetics and dietary supplements are often profitable products in addition to traditional foods. One challenge, for example, is the demarcation of health-related foods from pharmaceuticals or the Health Claims Regulation, the restrictions of which have not yet been conclusively clarified in many cases.

Food Law shall: 


Provide the legal framework 

for the production and distribution of food (marketability of food, labeling requirements).

Protect the health 

of the population threatened, for example, in case of food crises.

Regulate competition

in food markets through the quality requirements and protection against deception.

Control the market

creating a structured framework for food stuff products.


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