Agricultural Law: German fields of law that you may not know

There are may fields of law in Germany, that you may not know. These are for instance: agricultural law, hunting law, equine law.
Everything is meticulously regulated and there is no way you could ignore these regulations if you are active in this field.

Lets talk about AGRICULTURAL LAW:

In practice, agricultural law deals with varied topics such as business succession (inheritance law) as well as special provisions in agricultural production and subsequent distribution. Thus, forestry law, plant variety protection law, seed trade law, wine law, hunting law, fishing law or special periods of animal law, etc., such as environmental law or tax law, may play a role.

There is no self-contained “agricultural law” that bundles all essential agricultural law topics. Rather, it comprises a bundle of legal regulations that can have significance for any agricultural business.

Important topics and regulations in agricultural law include:

  • Land tenancy law
  • Hunting law
  • Hunting lease law
  • Animal law, in particular equine law, veterinary liability, animal owner liability, animal purchase law, animal protection law, animal breeding law, animal epidemic law
  • Product liability law
  • Food law
  • Law of succession (farm law) and family law
  • Fertiliser law
  • Seed trade law
  • Plant variety protection law
  • Agricultural building law
  • Environmental law
  • Nature conservation law
  • Plant Protection Law
  • Approval procedures (BlmSchG, BauGB)
  • Wine law, wine labelling law
  • Forestry law
  • Fisheries law
  • Agricultural tax law
  • Agricultural subsidy law, agricultural cartel law
  • Agriculture-specific criminal and administrative offence law
  • Agricultural law objectives

Agricultural law serves above all to protect agricultural enterprises and the quality of agricultural products. For no other sector with many small and medium-sized enterprises has the legislator standardised so many special regulations as for agriculture.

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Agricultural Law: German fields of law that you may not know

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