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Agricultural Law

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The agricultural and farming legislations involve, apart from a bundle of European statutory requirements, a variety of individual areas of law that are connected with farming law. In our law firm, we are experts in company successions
cases related to agricultural matters; additionally, we manage special provisions in the agricultural production and the subsequently distribution. Other legal areas are connected with agricultural law: forestry legislation, plant
variety rights, legislation on the marketing of seeds and plant propagation materials, wine law, hunting rights, fisheries legislations, particular legal areas of animal rights, environmental law or tax law.

Agricultural Legislation 

Unfortunately, we are not able to talk about a cohesive “Agricultural Act” that combine all the substantial agricultural legislation´s topics. It includes a bundle of legal regulations that have a notable importance for any agricultural

Following, a list of the most important topics and regulations regarding agricultural law: 

  • Rental Law (countryside)

  • Hunting Law

  • Animal rights, in particular horses´ rights, veterinaries liability, animal owners’ responsibility, animal purchasing law, animal protection law, animal breeding law

  • Product liability law

  • Foodstuff legislation

  • Succession laws and family rights

  • Fertilizers law

  • Marketing of seeds legislation

  • Plant variety rights

  • Environmental Law

  • Conservation Law

  • Pest control law

  • Wine law, wine registration regulation

  • Forest Law

  • Fischeries Legislations

  • Agricultural Tax Legislation

  • Agricultural Cartel Law

  • Agricultural specific penal and administrative offences regulations.

    Agricultural Law Purposes

    Agrarian law is used primarily to protect agricultural companies and the quality of agricultural products. The legislator has standardized for agricultural law such a wide number of special regulations that no other industry with many small
    and medium-sized enterprises has.

    Agricultural Law Issues: 

    Problem solving in agricultural law begins with typical questions that can be answered under agricultural law:

    • Does your company still have a suitable legal form for current and future development?

    • If a company or cooperation is to be established under agricultural law, what should the associated agreements look like?

    • What needs to be considered when buying / leasing / selling / leasing a farm ?

    • Do you want to use renewable energies by solar plants, wind power or biogas plant and how can an existing use be optimized ?

    • Which inheritance and family law peculiarities must be taken into account ?

    • How can the loss of subsidies or rights be prevented ?