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Andreas Friedlein

German Food Law, European Food Law, Health Law, Food Labelling Law, Cosmetics Law, Agricultural Law, Wine Law, HCVO

Mr. Andreas Friedlein



Mr. Friedlein is born 1965, in Hanover; studied Law at the University of Heidelberg and Göttingen from 10/1988 to 07/1997; German First Legal Examination in 1997; Legal clerkship between 1997-2000 with stations at several renowned
law firms.

Mr. Friedlein passed the German Second State Legal Examination in 2000. Mr. Friedlein also worked for Allianz and published a book in (Vermögensansprüche in den fünf neuen Bundesländer) 1992.

Our Attorney Friedlein is admitted to the bar since 2001 and works as an attorney for civil law, labour law/ employment law (the latter also as lieutenant colonel of the German Army Bundeswehr) since.

He is authorized to represent before all German district, regional and Higher Regional Courts.

Attorney-at-law for the law firm and partnership Horak Attorneys at Law since 2018.


Specializations in German Law

  • General Civil Law

  • General Administrative Law

  • Labour Law/Service Law

  • Construction Law

  • Taxation Law

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • International Law

  • Anti-trust and merger Law

  • Technical law and IT law (including contract drafting)

  • Drafting of contracts with reference to the aforementioned focal points

  • Contractual Law

  • Legal proceedings relating to the aforementioned focal points