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Andreas Friedlein


“The German Act Against Unfair Competition (UWG) focuses on advising on the marketing and sale of products, services or the implementation of ideas.”

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Mr. Friedlein is born 1965, in Hanover; studied Law at the University of Heidelberg and Göttingen from 10/1988 to 07/1997; German First Legal Examination in 1997; Legal clerkship between 1997-2000 with stations at several renowned law firms.

Mr. Friedlein passed the German Second State Legal Examination in  2000. Mr. Friedlein also worked for Allianz and published a book in (Vermögensansprüche in den fünf neuen Bundesländer) 1992.

Our Attorney Friedlein is admitted to the bar since 2001 and works as an attorney for civil law, labour law/ employment law (the latter also  as lieutenant colonel of the German Army Bundeswehr) since.

Mr. Friedlein is in 2020 also working as an Officer for Technical Legal Affairs at the Federal Office for  Infrastructure, Environmental Protection and Military Services (BAIUDBW).

He is authorized to represent before all German district, regional and Higher Regional Courts.

Attorney-at-law for the law firm and partnership Horak Attorneys at Law since 2018.


  • General Civil Law
  • General Administrative Law
  • Labour Law/Service Law
  • Construction Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Law
  • Anti-trust and merger Law
  • Technical law and IT law (including contract drafting)
  • Drafting of contracts with reference to the aforementioned focal points
  • Contractual Law
  • Legal proceedings relating to the aforementioned focal points
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