What’s not prohibited is allowed: freedom of production

Freedom of production and marketing

In principle, foodstuffs are not subject to any official approval or authorisation requirements. The same applies to the production or import of food. This principle is however restricted by individual statutory regulations, for example the Novel Food Regulation or the EC Genetic Food Regulation. In addition, there are product-specific regulations that restrict individual types of food, such as the Wine Act, the Meat Act or the Drinking Water Ordinance.

It can be said that the foodstuff production world is generally open and free but in fact, many regulation have to be strictly respected and no product can be just launched on the market without specific examinations.

Are you investing in the production or in the marketing of a particular or many food/-s? Well, the safer way to get through this examination without further problems is to get a legal team analyzing your concept and business idea. 

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What’s not prohibited is allowed: freedom of production

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