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Does Germany stop the “detox” products trend?

The “Detox” magic word is just advertisement and is not legal! It is always tempting for manufacturers and traders to advertise food with positive effects on the health and psyche of the consumers and the best example of this marketing trick is the “detox” certificate. Unfortunately the “detox” denomination in relation to food and foodstuff…
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German agricultural law

The agricultural and farming legislations involve, apart from a bundle of European statutory requirements, a variety of individual areas of law that are connected with farming law. In our law firm, we are experts in company successions cases related to agricultural matters; additionally, we manage special provisions in the agricultural production and the subsequently distribution.…
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Food law in Germany an Europe

horak Attorneys at Law advises and represents clients in all legal matters relating to the production or sale of food/cosmetics and consumer goods. In addition to classical national and European food law, this legal practice also includes international food law as well as special matters such as due diligence obligations under food law, reporting obligations…
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Ever used sawdust for baking?

Sawdust as an Ingredient: It really tastes like wood! Karlsruhe Administrative Court (Case No. 3 K 2148/19) No, flour made out of woods is not flour and is no food. Do you all agree? Not everybody however agree with that. A German online seller had the unusual idea to bake cookies with a sort of…
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Pandemic Decision

2020: How coughing in public could become a problem A lot of things have changed in time of a pandemic. The old times, where people where running around without giving enough space, without masks or hand sanitizer are somehow belonging to our old memories. We are in the middle of a pandemic, the way of…
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Corona Pandemic and Company Council Meetings

In times of corona, every action we were actually taking without thinking has become an open question. This is the case of an employer (a German company operating in the field of clinical rehabilitation) and the group works council (in German Konzernbetriebsratsitzung) of its company. The Case:  The employer has temporarily prohibited all employees from…
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