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food law legislation

We advise and represents clients in all legal matters relating to …


“MLM” or “Network Marketing” are special forms of direct sales. These forms of distribution…

Agricultural law standardS

In practice, agricultural law deals with business succession…

wine law

“Wine law” can be classified as a sub-area of food law. However, while food law forms the legal framework for all foodstuffs…

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The agricultural and farming legislations involve, apart from a bundle of European statutory requirements, a variety of individual areas of law that are connected with farming law. In our law firm, we are experts in company successions cases related to agricultural matters; additionally, we manage special […]
horak Attorneys at Law advises and represents clients in all legal matters relating to the production or sale of food/cosmetics and consumer goods. In addition to classical national and European food law, this legal practice also includes international food law as well as special matters such […]
Sawdust as an Ingredient: It really tastes like wood! Karlsruhe Administrative Court (Case No. 3 K 2148/19) No, flour made out of woods is not flour and is no food. Do you all agree? Not everybody however agree with that. A German online seller had the […]