2020: How coughing in public could become a problem A lot of things have changed in time of a pandemic. […]
Karlsruhe Regional Court (Ref. 14 0 31/20 KfH) Has it already happened to you that the costs estimated from the […]
In times of corona, every action we were actually taking without thinking has become an open question. This is the […]
Digital Memories The tribunal decision of this week concerns a topic we all know: the use of social media. But what […]
Tribunal Decision of the Week  BWLH Reviews As a matter of fact, masks have slowly but drastically become an ornament […]
Tribunal Decision – BWLH Reviews Study Law in Germany: Become a “Rechtsanwalt” September has come to an end, and as […]
Tribunal Decision – BWLH Reviews Dear readers,  as an international law firm, we are constantly in contact with the tribunal […]
We are delighted to inform you, that our law firm team has just welcomed new talented attorneys and office members! A […]
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